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We can guide you through any stage of your export journey

We are dedicated to helping companies improve their export performance and grow their business through trade.

Companies of all sizes and experience face challenges as they evolve and grow their business. We have specialized trade programs and services for businesses at every step.

Why Export?

Companies that export do better than companies that don't. They make more sales, have higher profits, and stay in business longer. Exporting also reduces business vulnerability, through diversifying into international markets, and increases the likelihood of long-term business success.

More Innovative
Companies that export are 25% more innovative and more likely to adopt innovative technologies (source EDC).

Download BDC's study, Exporting: A Key Driver of SME Growth & Profits. 

How NSBI can help

Whether you are new to exporting, expanding to new markets, or looking to grow your export business, NSBI can help.

Get business advice
Nova Scotia Business Inc. has a team of experts, with sector and market know-how, dedicated to helping Nova Scotia companies enter and continue to pursue growth in markets around the world. And with more than 1,000 exporting companies in the province, Nova Scotia has already developed a solid reputation for producing high-quality products to international markets.

Access to programs & services
Our qualified team provides trade market intelligence, business advisory services and financial incentives identification that helps you:

  • access customized expertise
  • travel to market
  • mitigate costs of attending trade shows and conferences

Find out more about our Export Growth Program & Small Business Development Program.

Export Development Education & Training Sessions
Take on the world with our wide range of courses to:

  • explore if exporting is right for your business 
  • expand your knowledge of the global economy
  • increase your understanding of venture financing
  • learn new ways to gather key intelligence about foreign markets

Learn more about NSBI Export Development Education and  FITTskills courses.

Explore a new market
Looking to build your business across Canada or internationally? Join an NSBI trade mission. For a nominal fee you receive: 

  • in market matchmaking
  • individual support by an NSBI trade development executive
  • networking opportunities

Learn more about Trade Missions.

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