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Globally competitive ICT in Nova Scotia 

We know what makes the difference here is we work together in a partnership. We work with government, we work with schools, and we work with NSBI. 

- Chris MacIntosh, IBM

Tech in Nova Scotia

A strong workforce

Nova Scotia's Information Communications Technology (ICT) industry is focused on producing innovative products and services in:

  • Interactive media
  • IT services
  • Transatlantic telecommunications
  • Enterprise solutions
  • E-health applications
  • Data analytics
  • Niche-orientated software products and solutions

Specialized Education Programs
Nova Scotia offers degrees that relate directly to industry needs, including: graphics, gaming and media, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, communications technologies, SAP software expertise and cyber security.


In addition to world-class tech talent, Nova Scotia also has some of the best ICT infrastructure.

  • Nova Scotia offers a state of the art fibre optic network with gigabit connections available across the province, a digital communications system, and a self-generating power grid
  • Lowest operating costs for companies working in the digital services industry in North America
  • One of the highest digital media tax credits offered in Canada (offering up to 50%) 
  • Collaborative environment that brings together industry, government, and education
  • Some of the world's best internet connections to both Europe and the eastern US, thanks to GTT Communications Hibernia Atlantic’s network of subsea cables

Vibrant eco-system

Nova Scotia has the right mix of post-secondary education, established multinational firms, and an active startup community that results in a well-connected, global, cluster.

  • The Nova Scotia ICT industry is 1,300 establishments strong, accounting for 8.2% of Nova Scotia’s business sector output
  • The ICT sector accounts for more than 35% of all private sector R&D spending in Nova Scotia
  • IBM chose Nova Scotia for their first Canadian Customer Innovation Centre in 2013 and has continued to grow its Centre, as well as create innovative partnerships across the province.
  • Ernst & Young launched their Canadian Centre for Advanced Analytics and Global Centre of Excellence in Robotic Process Automation in Nova Scotia
  • The Collaboration for Analytics Research Education & Technology (CARET) is a unique partnership between seven post-secondary institutions and the private sector in Nova Scotia
  • The ingenuity of our tech startups has put Nova Scotia on the ICT map, placing first in Canada in the Branham Group’s 2015 list of the top 25 Canadian up-and-coming ICT start-ups

    You'll be in good company

    Global, multinational companies have chosen Nova Scotia for growth and expansion.

    And, our Nova Scotia companies are doing big things and contributing to this sector as they grow their global operations here. 

    For more information view our ICT infographic PDF.