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1800 Argyle Street, Suite 701 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J3N8

Co-operative education gives students an opportunity to broaden skills, get real-life work experience and gain a competitive edge upon graduation. 

Since our inception in 2001, we have been very fortunate to benefit from some of the best and brightest students from not only Nova Scotia universities, but other universities in Canada as well.

If you have an opportunity to complete a co-operative education term with us, you can expect to work closely with our team as you take on new challenges and put your classroom skills to the test.

See what our past students have to say about working at NSBI:

 I cannot imagine landing a better Co-op opportunity than my experience at NSBI. As I recall from my first week in the office I was treated more as a regular worker than a Co-op student, and I was given countless opportunities to be involved. Thus, this office has truly fostered my growth as a worker, student and person.

- Second Year, Bachelor of Commerce Student, Dalhousie University

 During my time at NSBI I've learned to push myself, and push the envelope within set boundaries. This experience has been an incredible rewarding one and I am amazed at the growth I've seen in myself over the last four months.

- Third Year, Bachelor of Public Relations Student, Mount Saint Vincent University

 My overall favourite part of this co-op would have to be, seeing the great work that is being done here and seeing the people who enjoy doing it and believe in what they do. That is something I'll take with me throughout the rest of my university career, as well as my professional career.

- Third Year, Bachelor of Public Relations Student, Mount Saint Vincent University


If you are a student currently completing a co-operative education program and would like more information on how you can apply for an upcoming position with us, please contact your co-op office directly. We advertise our co-operative education positions via the education institutions.

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