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1800 Argyle Street, Suite 701 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J3N8

Beyond our competitive pay structure, we offer a comprehensive benefit package. Together with a supportive and innovative culture, and an attractive work/life balance, it's a pretty sweet deal.

  • Medical and Dental Benefits
    Benefits are provided to employees through membership in the Health/Dental Plan offered by the Government of Nova Scotia. View the plan costs.
  • Life Insurance
    Provided through the Group Life Insurance Plan of the Government of Nova Scotia. Optional and Spouse/Child life insurance is also available.
  • Pregnancy and Parental & Adoption Leave allowance
    Benefits for new parents are covered under the Supplementary Employment  Benefit (S.E.B.) Plan
  • Pension Plan
    NSBI employees are members of the Nova Scotia Public Service Superannuation Plan (PSSP)Additional information is available at Nova Scotia Pension Services.
  • Professional Development & Training
    We support training and development activities to ensure our workforce has the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the agency’s current and future business needs.
  • Leadership Development Program
    Working at NSBI you will find opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and expand your career path in the areas of strategy, judgment, decision-making and vision. We pride ourselves on building leaders.
  • Employee Health & Wellness
    NSBI is committed to promoting the mental and physical health of our employees. To achieve this we offer: 
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
      Confidential and volunteer support services that can help solve a variety of problems and challenges in an employee’s life, as well as seminars and workshops on topics such as stress, diet and happiness.
    • Workplace Wellness Program
      Our workplace wellness program includes educational sessions, learning experiences and physical fitness activities designed to invest in your physical wellness and mental health.  The objectives are to raise awareness, encourage healthier lifestyles, increase knowledge, and learn new skills.
    • Health and Wellness Allowance
      All permanent employees receive an allowance of $100 per year for assistance in promoting a healthier lifestyle.  This allowance can be used for items such as gym memberships, health and wellness courses, etc.

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People Services Generalist
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