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Canada’s East Coast, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia provides everything your business needs to be globally competitive — a diverse and growing workforce, strategic access to global markets and cost-competitive solutions. The proof is in the numbers and backed by industry publications like FDi Magazine’s spotlight. World-leading companies who locate and expand in Nova Scotia are benefitting from:

  • #1 for starting businesses:
    Canada is the easiest place to start a business in the G20, according to the World Bank.
  • #1 for educated workforce:
    Canada has the most educated talent pool in the OECD.
  • #1 for FDI flows:
    Canada attracted the most FDI flows per capita in the G7 in 2007-2016, as reported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
  • #1 for market access to Europe:
    With the provisional implementation of the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), businesses in Canada now enjoy preferential access to a global market with a combined GDP of US$ 41.4 trillion.

Nova Scotia offers companies unique operating benefits and advantages. As a result, world-leading companies, such as NTT Data and Mitsubishi UFG, are locating and expanding in Nova Scotia, Canada, and benefitting from:

  • Strategic geographic location close to the United States and Europe with world-class infrastructure
  • Highly skilled and educated workforce
  • Competitive business costs and one of the most generous R&D tax incentives in the industrialized world
  • Enviable quality of life featuring public healthcare, clean air, and waterways
  • Growing industry sectors including Information Communication Technology, Oceans, Financial Services, and Digital Media among others.

Learn more about why world-leading companies are locating or expanding in Nova Scotia.

Download a copy of the Nova Scotia Factbook.

Strategic location 

Extend your reach to key markets

  • Save time and money. Access North American and European markets.
  • Our strategic location on Canada’s east coast, including modern infrastructure, multi-modal transportation, logistic assets, and global reach attracts investment from around the world.

Low business costs

Competitive business costs contribute positively to your bottom line

  • Nova Scotia has a significant advantage over other locations as business costs are typically lower. KPMG ranked Halifax 6th among 108 mature markets in its 2016 International Business Cost Competitiveness Study.
  • Additionally, we offer one of the most generous R&D tax incentives in the industrialized world, driving innovative advancements.

Business incentives 

Attractive business incentives can help your company excel

  • Locate or expand your business in Nova Scotia and take advantage of our generous incentive programs. We have incentives to meet your needs that give your company a financial boost.

Educated workforce

Attract workers with the skills you need

  • With the highest number of universities per capita, Nova Scotia is Canada’s university capital. You’ll find the talent you need in Nova Scotia, home to one of the world’s most highly educated, skilled and reliable workforces.

An ocean lifestyle

Where people want to live and work

  • No matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you are never far from the ocean. The commercial heart of Halifax is on the water and there is no shortage of beautiful beaches and scenic coastal villages.
  • Enjoy an affordable cost of living, and excellent recreational and cultural amenities. Learn more about Nova Scotia's quality of life.

Sector opportunities

Nova Scotia provides competitive advantages for investors and has one of the most diverse economies in Canada with many strong industry sectors including: 

Nova Scotia Industry Sectors