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Why Winning Matters

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

By: Julia Rivard, Former Olympic Athlete
Partner, Norex

As Nova Scotians, we are competing in a global economy. The reality is, if we don’t focus on winning – we better be prepared to be left behind.

For the past two years our firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia has had one very uncomplicated and specific goal - to create award winning websites. For some, positioning our focus on winning awards with the work we do could be interpreted as a vain and self-focused pursuit, a perspective worth debating.

Winning can be defined as setting out a specific goal and then achieving it and, as a consequence, reaching success. This links winning and success in a direct relationship. There are rarely negative views shared on being successful. It is intriguing why winning can connote so many more negative emotions.

It might be explained by the great Canadian “fairness” we are born with north of the border and the discomfort with the feeling that my win equals someone else's loss. I get that. Unfortunately, the culture of “everyone wins” doesn’t help when we are competing in a global economy challenged to be recognized among a growing list of competitors who don’t share this appetite for equity.

Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, a former Olympic athlete summed up the value of winning by stating, “Winning is the key to a passionate, productive, purposeful, and prosperous life. And, if it becomes less valued in our lives then we can say goodbye to a catastrophic loss of untapped human talent and capacity that will never surface to benefit humanity or enable people to experience being the best that they can be.” Published on February 10, 2009 by Dr. Jeffrey Spencer

This rings true when considering the team at Norex. Thousands of miles away from competing firms in Toronto, New York and LA, our designers and developers are cutting edge and recognized for building web technology that is best in class - globally. But without the pursuit to be the best, one must question their ability or desire to push and reach a higher potential. It seems evident that the achievement of “best-in-class” can motivate us to reach well beyond our expected potential.

Awards are earned by people who have gone beyond the simple solutions, who have spent nights and weekends working to create something unique, something special, something true. People who won’t settle for something that is "good," in fact to them - good is their enemy.

It is fair to say that winning is a fleeting experience; once it is achieved it is over. With this we agree. That is why the pathway to the win is so critical to the ultimate victory. Discovering meaningful ways to improve, innovate and repeat the win is as important as the winning itself, but the goal remains the same.

So, it is time, here in Nova Scotia to put aside our humility and rise to be the best, and at Norex we have...well almost. For two years our client websites have been recognized for their excellence by the International Webby awards. In 2012 for the McInnes Cooper site in the category of Law and in 2013 for Frasers Law Company based in Vietnam and Pursu.it, a National crowdfunding platform for Canadian Athletes. The "win" still eludes us but the determination grows to be the best and win.

These successes have opened new doors for Norex, gaining attention from US law firms and big brands like FOX Sports. With this success, our Halifax web firm keeps moving forward toward our goal of being the best in web design.

About Norex
Norex is a web firm that provides business strategy, design, and technology services to industry leading businesses locally and internationally. The company is known for successfully combining users' needs and business goals to create effective online experiences for its clients in legal, health, education, and technology. The company will be expanding its sales team to target new clients in New York in the summer of 2013.

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