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  • Hutchinson Maple Products: Bringing sweetness to the world

Hutchinson Maple Products: Bringing sweetness to the world

Sunday, September 1, 2019

When Hutchinson Maple Products goes to Anuga 2019 in Cologne, Germany, this October, they’ll be sharing specialty Nova Scotia sweetness with some serious food lovers. Anuga is the world’s largest food trade show, hosting more than 7,400 exhibitors and around 165,000 visitors.

Hutchinson produces a certified organic, all-natural maple syrup and a specialty PURE Infused Maple Syrup line from Hutchinson Acres, the farm owned and run by Chris and Anna Hutchinson. “It’s all single-origin maple syrup, and we sell to markets across Canada, in Europe and in the Middle East,” Anna says.

Diversifying into a specialty line has allowed Hutchinson Maple Products to expand not only throughout Nova Scotia but beyond the province’s borders.

The PURE lavender maple is always a show favourite, she says. “Not everybody loves the smell of lavender. But the taste of it? It’s beautiful. When people try it, the reaction is, ‘Oh, wow!’ It’s the one we sample most, because people are so curious about it.”

Being able to access NSBI’s programs and services has been essential to their exporting success, Anna explains. “It’s the only way we can do exports. If we don’t let people know we’re here, we’ll never grow.”

Winning the 2017 Nova Scotia Exporter of the Year award was “amazing and a dream come true for a small business like us,” she says. The award included two Air Canada tickets to anywhere the airline flies. Anna and Hutchinson’s sales manager, Leanne Dobrota, flew to Dubai, where they secured their first customer in the Middle East. On a side trip, they secured a customer in Amsterdam.

“Without NSBI and the Exporter of the Year Award, I don’t know where we would be today."

“Without NSBI and the Exporter of the Year Award, I don’t know where we would be today,” Anna says. “NSBI did a lot of publicity and got our story out there. It has helped a huge amount.” 

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