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  • How Webbuilders Group is building a web of happy clients

How Webbuilders Group is building a web of happy clients

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Webbuilders Group CEO Rob Roy is, unsurprisingly, in the web building business. 

What is surprising is where this small New Glasgow-based company finds its clients, how it makes them happy, and what the future looks like.  In a recent conversation about the company, Roy spoke about the importance of partnering, a focus on export, and minimizing the “geek speak.” 

Partnership, partnership, partnership

Not only does Webbuilders Group stand out to its own clients by taking more of a partnership approach, but the company also credits that approach with finding new clients, and for scaling its own business through programs and support, Roy explains. On partnering with clients, he says, “Most web development firms our size do work on a project-by-project basis. They build a website, they move on, look for the next project. And there is great business in that. But we take a different approach. We build relationships with our
clients, helping them grow their business by improving their web presence each month. When clients talk about us, they say we're a great partner for their business. Notice they say, partner, not supplier.

"We also don't speak geek to our clients. I think we're fortunate that my background isn't in technology. It's more in business management, so I've sat on our clients' side of the table many, many times and understand their frustrations when buying technology.”

Webbuilder's Group's strategy on partnering to find new clients is finding channel partners – strategic partners. "That's how most of our business growth has been coming; through sort of a referral partnering network. That's worked very well for us. Ninety-five per cent of our business is outside Nova Scotia, and about 75 per cent is in the US, so this export market is very, very important to us. We're constantly looking for partners. That's our way into new markets; that and being on top of new technologies. We're always looking for a new technology that's going to help us either grow our business or service our customer better.”

On partnering to scale Roy explains, “Nova Scotia Business Inc. has been a great friend to us. I've mentioned how we rely on channel partners. We've used the Export Growth Program several times to go in-market, expand on a relationship with a client with a goal of coming home with a larger deal, and on almost every occasion, we've come back with a larger contract. More recently we were involved in the Trade Market Intelligence Program, and that gave us really good information on potential partners in one of our specific geographic markets. Take advantage of the support systems we have here – partners like Nova Scotia Business Inc., that have great staff with a lot of experience in export markets. Small Nova Scotia businesses like ours should be leveraging that experience."

Webbuilders Group also relies heavily on other organizations like Nova Scotia Community College. All my staff are graduates of Nova Scotia Community College. "Take advantage of the infrastructure.”  

Building a Community

While Webbuilders Group is finding success in export and scaling its business growth, it is also helping grow the community — something Roy takes pride in.    

“From a personal perspective, I spend a great deal of time trying to develop my staff. I have a young staff. They're all setting their roots down here in New Glasgow, growing families. I take great pride in helping them develop, not just professionally, but personally. They're becoming great contributors to our community. That makes me really proud.”

Webbuilders Group helps companies across North America achieve better results from the internet.

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