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  • Nova Scotia’s Community of Interest

Nova Scotia’s Community of Interest

Nova Scotia’s Community of Interest, launched through Movin’ On Summit 2021, is a collaborative group, comprised of multi-disciplinary and multi-sector experts. The focus of this community is to address "How can next generation materials help drive decarbonization?"

This community aims to work all year round as a "think-and-do tank" to promote eco-systemic innovation and to develop concrete solutions for truly sustainable mobility. 

From the benchtop to the real world

This Community of Interest looks to tackle specific challenges that arise as next generation materials targeting decarbonization, transition from the benchtop to real world environments. The intention is to address the technical side of materials characterization, qualification and scale up, with a core focus on materials for batteries, solar cells, fuel cells and electrolysis, and thermal energy storage. The Community will facilitate the formation and growth of combined industry and professional stakeholder groups to collaboratively help accelerate the adoption of next generation materials into these critical sectors of our future energy economy.

The community is founded on a wide cross-disciplinary expertise in materials and energetics sciences in a range of industrial scale application. Partners range from academia, large manufacturing, SMEs and scale-up testing facilities, which when connected support the end to end development of new clean technologies.

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