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Work in Nova Scotia

Job Opportunities

Labour Market

With five key regions, Nova Scotia has a variety of industries and businesses to choose from in every location. See what’s happening across the province.

Career Resources

There are a number of websites to help you find a job in Nova Scotia. These include job boards, government agencies, and job recruitment agencies.

One of the first things you notice about Nova Scotia is how important relationships are. We're connectors by nature, which comes in handy while on the lookout for a job. Here are some other helpful resources that leverage this advantage to supplement the job search:

Opportunities Across Sectors

From ICT and finance, to ocean tech and shipbuilding, Nova Scotia offers a diverse landscape of employment opportunity. Learn about different career paths, compare occupations, understand education options, and see everything Nova Scotia has to offer.

Immigrate to Nova Scotia

If you’re from outside Canada and want to move to Nova Scotia, there are many groups and resources to help you get here. Find out more.


Like any part of Canada, some professions, like those in the health care industry or skilled trades, are regulated and you’ll require certain qualifications or training certifications. Even in unregulated professions, ensuring you have the right training and background is key to finding the right kind of job for you.

For more information visit the Foreign Credentials Referral Office and Work in Canada website, or find help directly on credential evaluation services. For additional help on credential recognition visit Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia.