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Work in Nova Scotia

Business Community

Business Climate

Nova Scotia is a great place to do business. See what these companies have to say about Nova Scotia's business climate.


Nova Scotia is open for business and ready to work. The guide High Opportunity Career Options in Nova Scotia 2016-2017 provides information on 78 high-opportunity career options in Nova Scotia. Or, if you’re interested in starting your own business, we embrace and support an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sector Profiles

Nova Scotia provides competitive advantages for exporters and investors and has one of the most diverse economies in Canada. We are building strength and capacity in leading industry sectors that are powering global innovation.

Government Structure

The Government of Nova Scotia is led by a Premier, who oversees 19 government departments. Each of these departments recommend and implement policies to improve the quality of life for all Nova Scotians.

Local Communities

Nova Scotia’s communities provide the space for work and family, relaxation and responsibility. Nova Scotia has hundreds of communities that fit a wide range of lifestyles.

Regional Enterprise Networks

Regional Enterprise Networks (RENs) provide regional economic leadership and help develop regional economic strategies, while supporting small, local businesses. RENs bring together business communities, the province, municipalities and other groups involved in economic development.