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Learn to trade globally

Whether you want to take advantage of the sales potential in global markets, or expand your current activities, Think Global Sessions are designed to help you make crucial exporting decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and increase your understanding of international trade.

About Think Global Sessions

Think Global Sessions introduce you to knowledge you need to:

  • Identify specific opportunities and challenges in global export
  • Leverage resources to secure financing and insurance services
  • Negotiate partnerships with foreign shippers and distributors

Think Global Sessions:

  • Give you basic introductions to the industry
  • Help you apply knowledge and insights to your business immediately to increase your competitiveness
  • Show you the basics on how you can work toward maximizing export opportunities
  • Show the considerations you can use to put your strategic global trade options into action
  • Help you navigate the complexities of transactions across national borders
  • Introduce you to specific challenges such as Intellectual Property protection 

Think Global Session Topics

Doing Business in the United States
Explore the various aspects of doing business in the United States, including NAFTA renegotiations, the changing immigration landscape, and tax implications.

Selling Food, Beverages, and Alcohol in China
Learn from industry specialists on best practices and how to do business in China, including logistics and shipping. Hear from Nova Scotia exporters on their experiences in-market.  

Protecting your Intellectual Property
Understand your rights, obligations and Intellectual Property responsibilities. Learn how a company protects itself, and how the Canadian Intellectual Property Office can help. Hear from an experienced Nova Scotia exporter on how they manage significant Intellectual Property challenges. 

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