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Learn to trade globally

Whether you want to take advantage of the sales potential in global markets, or to expand your current activities, Going Global Workshops are designed to help you make crucial importing or exporting decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and increase your understanding of international trade.

About Going Global Workshops

Going Global Workshops are 3-hour orientation sessions created by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), to introduce you to the basic knowledge that you will need to:

  • Identify market opportunities
  • Leverage resources to secure financing and insurance services
  • Negotiate partnerships with foreign shippers and distributors

Going Global Workshops will:

  • Give you an excellent basic introduction to the industry
  • Teach you to apply basic knowledge and insights to your business immediately to increase your competitiveness
  • Show you the basics on how you can work toward maximizing export opportunities
  • Show the initial steps you can use to put your strategic global trade options into action
  • Help you navigate the complexities of transactions across national borders
  • Provide you basics on how to develop a well-planned global supply chain management strategy

Going Global Workshop Topics

Introduction to International Trade:
This workshop will give you an introduction to the opportunities and challenges involved in pursuing business internationally.


  • How to work toward maximizing the opportunities to give yourself a competitive edge and avoiding the challenges that can set you back
  • The importance of effective risk assessment and mitigation in international activities. This will help you learn how to avoid making errors that will cost you time and money
  • About the international elements of basic business practices such as marketing, research and financing
  • About some of the intangibles of global business, such as the importance of culture and global business etiquette in helping you create strong international partnerships and agreements

Introduction to International Trade Research:
This introductory workshop helps you learn how to identify valuable sources of international business information to build or grow your export-import business.


  • To arrive at research results quickly via the best data collection methods
  • Various tools and techniques to help you analyze your research and prepare reports to present your findings to relevant stakeholders
  • To create an international business plan so you can put your strategic global trade options into action

Introduction to International Marketing:
This introductory workshop will teach you common marketing terms to help you source and navigate relevant industry intelligence.


  • The value of market research in evaluating and selecting market-entry strategies for your company
  • About the influence politics, laws, regulations and cultures have on international marketing
  • To start developing an international marketing plan for each market you plan to enter
  • To earn the best return on your marketing investments

Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management:
This workshop will introduce you to the basics on how to develop a well-planned global supply chain management strategy.


  • To streamline your company’s supply chain activities to enhance your competitiveness in international markets
  • To identify the stages of a global supply chain, use standard global-trade terminology, and identify the main types of documentation used in international trade transactions
  • To manage your production, inventory, deliveries and returns efficiently to meet international demands and to reduce your company’s risks

Introduction to the Cultural Aspects of International Trade:
You’ll gain an appreciation for how the cultural dimensions of different countries influence global trade in terms of business negotiations, etiquette and building strong international relationships and partnerships.


  • The personal characteristics that business people must develop to be successful in international trade
  • How you can—and should—prepare yourself and others in your company to travel abroad on business safely and successfully

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