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1800 Argyle Street, Suite 701 | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J3N8

ConnectNS - Global Advisors

Helping Nova Scotia exporters become more globally connected

What does it mean to be a ConnectNS Global Advisor?

As a volunteer ConnectNS Global Advisor, you are a champion for Nova Scotia's future. You are instrumental in connecting exporters to knowledge, experience, and the right people to help their companies become more competitive on a global level. This includes everything from sharing insights around your sector and where you live, to introducing Nova Scotia exporters to connections in your network.

How does it work?

It's simple. If you have time in the day to have a cup of coffee, you have time to participate. Here’s how:

  1. Exporters from Nova Scotia browse the list of ConnectNS Global Advisors and select which one(s) to reach out to.
  2. As a ConnectNS Global Advisor you'll receive an invite directly to your inbox.
  3. You can then choose if you would like to meet with the exporter. Meetings can take place in person, by phone, or virtually. Repeat as often as you would like.

 The economic impact of globalization is growing as the web of connections between countries and companies grows broader and deeper.

McKinsey Global Institute 2016

To find out more, please contact:


 There are many people, including myself, living outside the province that can help to make those essential connections for business growth in Nova Scotia.

Robert P. Kelly, co-chair ConnectNS
Former CEO, Bank of New York Mellon, Florida, USA