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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Provincial government announced that it is transitioning the Nova Scotia Film and TV Production Incentive Fund and streamlining government’s interaction with the industry. Now, the industry works with the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage (CCTH).

Canada Media Fund (CMF) has identified Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage (CCTH) as the provincial agency able to provide two letters of support for entry into its CMF Predevelopment Program.

A complete application, as defined by the CMF for the program, must be submitted to CCTH to be considered eligible. Please ensure the application form is completed with all required supporting documentation. This includes the letter of interest form signed by the applicant.

Please ensure your application meets the guidelines of the CMF Predevelopment Program prior to submitting your application:  https://cmf-fmc.ca/document/predevelopment-program/

In addition, please note to be considered eligible by CCTH, the applicant must be a Nova Scotia-majority owned and controlled company with its head office in Nova Scotia.

Email your complete submission request to filmapplication@novascotia.ca.

OPEN APPLICATION PERIOD: CCTH will accept applications from May 16 through May 24, 2022, until 4:30 p.m.

Decisions announced by May 31, 2022.

In the event more than two eligible and complete Projects are submitted, CCTH will make its selection via a random selection. At a minimum, one of the two letters of support will be provided to eligible projects that also meet the definition of a “Diverse Community Project”, as defined by the CMF guidelines.  

Please note that any questions specific to the Predevelopment Program must be submitted to CMF