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Ocean Tech in Nova Scotia, Canada

Why Ocean Tech in Nova Scotia?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Nova Scotia’s license plate currently reads, ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground.’ With over 7,000 km of coastline, 10 research-driven universities, four world-class research institutions, and one of the highest concentrations of oceans-related PhDs in the world, perhaps it should read ‘Canada’s Ocean Knowledge Cluster.’

Home to more than 300 companies in ocean-related businesses, including 60 innovators of new high-tech products and services, the ocean tech industry in Nova Scotia is globally recognized and competitive. Here’s why.

We have the facilities.

We have the people.
Nova Scotia has one of the highest concentrations of oceans-related PhDs in the world. Dalhousie University has Canada’s first and only multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree program—ocean sciences—as well as a marine biology major at the bachelor’s level. It also offers master's and doctoral programs in oceanography, marine biology, marine management, and marine law.

We have the products.  
Nova Scotia ocean tech companies are doing business with the world. With innovative ocean-tech products and services in demand in more than 90 countries, businesses are demonstrating the global recognition of expertise in this sector.

We have a remarkably bright future in a great location.
The ocean economy is a key source of food, energy, minerals, health, leisure, and transport upon which hundreds of millions of people depend. OECD values the ocean economy's global contribution in 2010 very conservatively at USD $1.5 trillion, and projects growth to $3 trillion by 2030. The Nova Scotian oceans industry is export-driven, and its top export markets are the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Norway.

Halifax, Nova Scotia ranks No.1 for lowest cost and highest quality of living over 11 major cities around the world, according to fDi Magazine.

KPMG ranks Halifax’s ocean tech sector’s overall operating costs as the lowest in Canada. As well, Nova Scotia businesses that incur qualified scientific research and experimental development expenses in Nova Scotia have up to 50% of R&D expenditures eligible for a tax credit.

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