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Samsung Uses Technology Created in Nova Scotia

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

At the 2017 Mobile World Congress, a gathering of hundreds of operators in the mobile industry, including handset makers, software and internet companies, heard industry heavy weight, Samsung, announce its mobile phones and Smartphones will have RCS technology (rich communications services messaging). 

And this global story has its genesis in Nova Scotia, Canada.

In 2009, a group of software engineers and quality assurance specialists formed NewPace Technology Development Inc. in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The company signed a 5-year growth incentive agreement with Nova Scotia Business Inc. During the past several years, NewPace and its team have been living a mantra of ‘think big’.

We’ve built a set of technologies in demand by global mobile operators, using the funds from NSBI and funding from other sources. People will be very surprised to find out the number of people who will eventually be able to use the technology that we are developing here at NewPace.  – Brent Newsome, CEO NewPace Technology Development Inc.

In November 2016, Samsung Electronics acquired NewPace Technology/NewNet Canada, putting the Nova Scotia team on its next growth trajectory.

“Smart-tech companies recognize that people are like resources and when you find a good pool of them, you invest in them. That’s what Samsung is doing here and why we are growing here,” says Newsome.

The company is hiring.  For 2017, NewPace Technology Inc. is seeking to fill roles with new graduates as well as experienced tech people with 15 – 20 years experience.

Newsome’s pitch: “Join a team here in Nova Scotia that is doing world-class mobile software for world-class mobile operators around the world. And join a team that feels like a family.”

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