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  • Innovative health care company represents 'big' potential for industry

Innovative health care company represents 'big' potential for industry

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Nova Scotia company called Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW) is putting technology in the hands of health care providers at all levels, so they can make smarter decisions, faster. The New Waterford-based company is a leader in ehealth technology development that aims to make health  care systems more cost-effective and improve patient outcomes.

HOW's How2trak technology leverages health care data on mobile applications and desktop systems to give bedside care providers access to real-time information and analysis of evidence-informed treatments, chronic disease prevalence, labour costs, supply inventory and cost-savings. With these systems, the people administering treatment can utilize up-to-date information to make better decisions at the point of care and track data about patients' conditions so they can be analyzed by hospitals or health care facilities in the future.

The firm specializes in wound care management, an area that costs the health care system in Canada nearly $4 billion every year, according to Wound Care Alliance Canada. The Canadian Home Care Association estimates that one-third of all home-care clients have wound care needs. HOW's technology improves patient care, particularly for diabetes and other chronic illnesses, and reduces health care costs.