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ebay Canada launches retail revival in Halifax
  • Harnessing technology and global markets: Retail Revival with eBay Canada

Harnessing technology and global markets: Retail Revival with eBay Canada

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Thanks to the power of technology, e-commerce, and global markets, companies have more options for export growth than ever before. Now, with help from eBay Canada's Retail Revival Program, a cohort of Nova Scotia companies are accelerating their online selling and marketing products to customers around the world. 

In partnership with Halifax Partnership and supported by Nova Scotia Business Inc. and all levels of government, eBay Canada launched its Retail Revival Program in Halifax. The first of its kind in Canada, the Program helps retailers across the province amplify their online presence with the eBay platform, enabling them to grow locally while selling globally.

A pioneer and leader in online marketplaces, eBay connects retailers of all shapes and sizes to 180 million active buyers in 190 markets across the world. In Canada, 99% of small retailers on eBay export (to an average of 18 markets), compared to 12% of traditional small businesses that engage in global trade.

eBay’s Retail Revival Program works closely with 60 small and medium-sized retailers from across Nova Scotia. The Program kicked off at the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services at Saint Mary's University in March, and the cohort will receive support throughout the year as part of the programming. 

After successfully helping small businesses in multiple cities in the U.S. and the U.K., the eBay Retail Revival Program selected Halifax as its first Canadian city. Halifax was chosen for its great community of small businesses, both within the city and across the province, strong growth opportunities, and the region's commitment to small business owners. The Program includes free 12-month training, support and educational programs, a dedicated customer service support team, digital tools and subscriptions, and promotional marketing from eBay. 

eBay Canada Retail Revival training in Halifax
[Pictured above: The eBay Canada Retail Revival Halifax group. Photo credithttp://alexacude.com]

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