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A Few of Our Favourite Things 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Each month we feature members of the ConnectNS network and ask them what they miss most about Nova Scotia. These are a few of their favourite things…

“To many things to name but mostly my Mom and Dad, our family dog, Meggy and  Sunday afternoons at the Chickenburger.” – Ben Proudfoot

Meet ConnectNS network member Ben Proudfoot, a magician turned filmmaker whose LA-based company, Breakwater Studios Ltd., has just released a powerful series of short films featuring some of Nova Scotia’s brilliant master craftspeople. Haligonian creates magical masterpiece films in LA, showcasing wonders of Nova Scotia

“What don’t I miss about Nova Scotia? I miss the ocean air, hearing people say “car” the way I do, and above all, the people.” – Kristie Forbes

Meet ConnectNS network member Kristie Forbes, one of Nova Scotia’s most creative exports whose marketing savvy has landed her a career with the world’s most iconic brand - McDonald’s. Nova Scotia Expat: One of Marketing Magazine's 30 under 30

“Seeing my parents and eating freshly cooked Sobeys lobster with my closest friend.” – Naomi Matthews

Meet ConnectNS member, Naomi Matthews, who is leading seafood operations from the Canadian to Australian coast. Leading seafood operations from the Canadian to Australian coast

“Whenever I am away from Halifax for extended periods, I miss the familiarity of bumping into friends while out and seeing familiar faces. The other thing is my favourite donair from the Big Wedge in the North End.” – Scott Furlotte 

Meet ConnectNS network member Scott Furlotte, a Nova Scotian entrepreneur who has cracked the code on living in two places at once. Halifax longing, London calling

“A balanced and relaxed pace of life ― certainly compared to Toronto!” – Ron Babin

Meet ConnectNS network member, Dr. Ron Babin, an internationally recognized outsourcing expert with a deep-rooted family history in Acadia dating back to 1640. Outsourcing expert boasts Nova Scotia’s workforce

“In no particular order: donairs, salt air, lobster, home cooking, and the Huskies stadium in October. But, more than anything it has to be the people.” – Chris MacDougall

Meet ConnectNS network member, Chris MacDougall, Investment Expert and Hammonds Plains Native. Private Equity Investor reflects on Nova Scotia’s investment attraction potential

“When I leave I miss the things I can’t get in back in Texas.  There are no donairs in Texas and poutine offerings are infrequent and usually disappointing.  I also miss the water.  I live in a landlocked city with insufficient water and no ocean breezes so I miss Canada’s ocean playground, especially in summertime.” – Charles Gillis

Meet ConnectNS network member Charles Gillis, Executive Director of Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, and find out why he’s championing Nova Scotia across South Central US. Dallas legal exec turns economic evangelist for Nova Scotia

“My first memory of Halifax was driving behind a car on Spring Garden that suddenly stopped to let a squirrel cross the road. I barely stopped in time. I was a type A Torontonian and it took me a while to gear down to Atlantic Canada’s slower pace. Twenty years later, I miss that slow pace. We don’t have squirrels in New York. If we did, we wouldn’t stop for them.” – Charles Benaiah  

Meet ConnectNS network member Charles Benaiah, Founder and CEO of watzan, a New York based tech start-up and champion of promoting Nova Scotia’s growing ICT sector. Nova Scotia Alumnus: Mining big data opportunities for Nova Scotia

“The clean air and the ocean.” – Patrick MacDonald

Meet ConnectNS network member Patrick MacDonald, Warehouse & Process Manager at Zuellig Pharma, Asia Pacific's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution and logistics specialist. Nova Scotia Expat: Asia-Pac pace and a Dog Bay escape

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