Pure Energy: Fully Charged and Wired for Growth

May 13, 2010

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Green innovator, Pure Energy Visions Inc. has been developing alkaline rechargeable battery technology and employing 35 people in Amherst for close to 20 years. The latest move for the company is an exciting new partnership with PureEnergy Solutions (formerly WildCharge); a partnership set to enhance product developments and position the company to take advantage of opportunities in the wireless market.
Early in 2009, Pure Energy Visions connected with WildCharge, a U.S. developer of wireless charging pads for hand-held devices. The WildCharge technology is compatible with hundreds of different mobile devices, like iPods and mp3 players.  Not only does the pad eliminate the potential for tangled wires, it can charge up to five devices at the same time and save the trouble and cost of device-specific power adapters.

WildCharge 3The WildCharge Pad has already made appearances as a consumer product to watch and want. From Beyonce to Lady Gaga, presenters and performers at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards received the WildCharge Pad and WildCharge Skin for iPhone in the official swag bag. The product has also been featured on Martha Stewart and has made an appearance as a ‘stylish gadget’ in Ralph Lauren’s RL Magazine. The “WildCharge Bundle for iPhone” is also up for a People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Product in the “Consumer Product” category.

With excitement building for the WildCharge Pad, Pure Energy Visions and WildCharge, now operating under the name, PureEnergy Solutions, saw an opportunity to enhance their businesses and incorporate their existing technologies. NSBI worked closely with Pure Energy Visions as it prepared to embark on the merger. As an existing loan client of NSBI, the company worked with NSBI’s business financing team to amend its existing agreement to assist Pure Energy Visions as it explored and eventually secured this merger.  Over the next six months, PureEnergy Solutions plans to upgrade its plant in Amherst as it tests and enhances this new technology.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the WildCharge name. By combining first-of-its-kind wireless charging technology with the most environmentally responsible rechargeable batteries, PureEnergy Solutions is poised to generate new opportunities for growth in the wireless market.