Oris4 Expands into New Markets

Apr 16, 2014

A homegrown Nova Scotia company is bringing new technology to international markets.

Oris4_215X2152nd Act Innovations, which operates under the name of its technology Oris4, is expanding in key markets and growing to meet increasing demand. The company recently opened an office in New York, which is now its second location in the United States. 

"We need the right people in the right markets to grow our businesses. We are taking our product, developed in Nova Scotia, to key markets and establishing offices in New York and Silicon Valley," said Peter Hickey, president and founder. "We now have industry veterans coast to coast who have worked with some of the largest information technology companies in the world."

The company will use a $1-million equity investment from NSBI as working capital to fill sales orders and execute its marketing strategy.  

"Everyday, employees spend a considerable amount of time looking for files. This costs firms millions annually in lost productivity," said Reza Kazemipour, company CEO. "It's a problem many executives are trying to address. We offer a simple, effective and secure fix to this problem.

"As a result, we're gaining global traction, and with this equity investment, we are able to meet the demands to accelerate our growth."

The company's proprietary technology, Contextual Indexing, helps organizations of all sizes auto-organize data and improve content management. 

"We're focused on growing our customer base in the United States,  but we're also gaining traction in places like New Zealand and India. productivity is a worldwide issue," said Mr. Hickey. "This is an exciting time for the company."

"NSBI works with Nova Scotia companies to help them reach the next level of growth and target key export markets," said Peter MacAskill, vice-president NSBI. "This investment will help the company deliver on the deals they have closed, as well as move ahead with opportunities in their pipeline."