Longtail Studios - Multimedia

Video, audio and photos of the Longtail Studios Announcement, November 12, 2009


Gérard Guillemot, president of Longtail Studios talks about choosing Nova Scotia as a strategic location for growth.


Minister of Economic & Rural Development, Percy Paris (mp3, 35sec)

Stephen Lund, President & CEO of NSBI (mp3, 42 sec)

Gerad GuillemotGérard Guillemot, president of Longtail Studios, speaks during the company's expansion announcement in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Longtail Studios Announcement
Left to right: Jayson Hilchie, Director, Information Technology & Interactive Media, NSBI; Percy Paris, Minister of Economic & Rural Development; Gérard Guillemot, president, Longtail Studios; and Stephen Lund, president & CEO, NSBI