SolutionInc Expands with NSBI Assistance

Feb 2, 2006

A Nova Scotia Internet services company is expanding its home base and is making its mark on the world stage of wireless Internet technology.

SolutionInc Technologies Limited is creating up to 75 new jobs over the next five years at its Halifax headquarters.

SolutionInc's expansion in Halifax was announced today, Feb. 2, by Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage; Glen Lavigne, president and CEO of SolutionInc; and Stephen Lund, president and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI).

SolutionInc's growth will be fuelled by the ongoing expansion of the global Internet market. NSBI is supporting this growth through the provision of a $1.2-million payroll rebate.

"By pursuing global opportunities, SolutionsInc is able to find new clients for its award-winning technology, such as its recent agreement with Quadriga Worldwide, the largest and most successful provider of digital communications for the hotel market in Europe and the Middle East," said Mr. Fage. "Nova Scotia's reputation for developing and attracting global successful IT companies will be further strengthened through SolutionsInc's international market growth and diversification."

SolutionInc represents a homegrown example of the type of software companies that NSBI works with to help promote growth of Nova Scotia's IT sector. Companies in this sector are providing increasing employment opportunities for skilled Nova Scotians.

"Our software is at the forefront of wireless technology," said Mr. Lavigne. "Today's announcement positions SolutionInc for increasing growth both here in Nova Scotia and the international marketplace."

SolutionInc, which opened nine years ago, currently employs about 30 people at the Halifax location. The 75 new jobs, with annual salaries projected to be a minimum average of $55,000 per year including benefits, will involve a wide range of disciplines including sales and marketing. This expansion will help attract skilled professionals to work in the province, while providing further career opportunities for members of the local IT community.

"The company has an innovative Internest management solution and a growing global market," said Mr. Lund. "NSBI is pleased to partner in a growth strategy with SolutionInc, a Nova Scotia IT company operating internationally from a strong and growing base right here in the province."

SolutionInc offers a simple, flexible, and robust Internet provisioning engine. Internet provisioning focuses on delivering broadband access to visitor-based networks, allowing service providers and venue owners to successfully deploy secure, high-speed Internet service in public places, such as hotels, airports, multi-tenant units and universities. SolutionInc's Internet provisioning management system includes award-winning Internet provisioning, authentication, and billing software, SolutionIP.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the private sector-led business development agency for Nova Scotia. NSBI is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps companies in Nova Scotia meet their growth potential through business advisory, export development and financial services.

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