Nova Scotia Business Inc.'s Ships Start Here Details

Feb 29, 2012

March 2011 NSBI, along with private and public sector partners, came together to generate awareness and prepare Nova Scotians for the potential win of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy by Irving Shipbuilding.

NSBI along with its partners saw the potential long term impact to Nova Scotians, Nova Scotia businesses and the opportunity to attract foreign direct investment.

To generate this awareness, NSBI followed its procurement rules and also sought Treasury Board approval as the scope of NSBI’s part of the Ships Start Here campaign grew. We follow the rules and processes – Nova Scotians expect no less.  One of those processes includes freedom of information and protection of privacy (FOIPOP).  Following the FOIPOP process, we absolutely can work to share information with the public, assess if any third-party information may be private, and work toward balancing both interests.

The FOIPOP Act (Section 31) gives authority for NSBI to disclose to the public, information the disclosure of which is clearly in the public interest.  Before NSBI can make such a disclosure the Act requires NSBI, where practicable, to notify any third party to whom the information relates. Having considered this provision of the Act and following the requirement for notification of third parties, NSBI can now release the Memoranda it received from MT&L Public Relations Limited which itemized the work it performed as it relates to its invoices to NSBI for the Ships Start Here campaign.

To that end, the links below show detailed invoices related to the Ships Start Here campaign.