Nova Scotia Companies to Showcase Technology at Ocean Business 2015

Apr 14, 2015

Nova Scotia’s ocean technology companies have created ground breaking technology and have reached new depths in world ocean exploration.

Ocean-Tech-NS_news_releaseNova Scotia, Canada, boasts the highest concentration of ocean tech companies involved in acoustics, sensors, and instrumentation in North America.   Thirteen Nova Scotia companies are attending Ocean Business 2015 in Southampton, United Kingdom. Many of these companies play a vital-role in world ocean exploration and are pioneers in ocean technology.
This year’s participants located in the Atlantic Canada pavilion include:

Nova Scotia is surrounded by over 7,000 kilometres of coastline and is home to more than 200 ocean-related companies and 60 high-tech innovators, making it a globally-recognized hub for oceans technology expertise.

Nova Scotia Ocean Technology Sector
Quick Facts:

  • Nova Scotia oceans technology companies account for about one-third of all R&D performed by businesses in Nova Scotia.
  • Nova Scotia is home to 450 PhDs in oceans-related disciplines which is the highest concentration in the world.
  • Nova Scotia is home to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) which is Canada’s largest centre for oceans’ research.
  • Nova Scotia recently announced plans for the development of an ocean innovation centre in its capital city of Halifax.

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