Demand for Keane's services spurs recruiment drive

Nov 12, 2003

HALIFAX - Keane, Inc. (NYSE: KEA), a leading business and information technology (IT) outsourcing firm, today launched a Canadian recruitment campaign for its Advanced Development Center (ADC) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Due to an increasing demand for its nearshore Application Outsourcing services, Keane is seeking to attract IT professionals from Nova Scotia, Ontario, and other Canadian provinces to fill a variety of new technical positions in Halifax.  This growth is being supported with assistance from Nova Scotia’s Economic Development Office and Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI).  

A pioneer in nearshore outsourcing delivery since its inception in Halifax in 1996, Keane helps businesses reduce costs and achieve operational efficiencies through the dynamic allocation of resources and project delivery across geographies, as well as the application of consistent methodologies, management structures, and quality processes. 

Keane's thriving Halifax quality-certified operation is a shining example of the opportunity that this province offers, stated Ernie Fage, Nova Scotia's Minister of Economic Development.  Together with Nova Scotia Business Inc., we have secured a funding package designed to strengthen Keane's Nova Scotia presence, spur new employment opportunities, and support Keane's growing customer base.

Keane's Halifax ADC was recently recognized as the first Canadian IT services facility to be assessed at Level 5 against the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM), a globally recognized standard for evaluating and improving software processes.  CMM Level 5, the highest ranking, means an organization has achieved a state of continuous process optimization, driving operational efficiencies into IT organizations through the application of highly disciplined project management, application delivery, and measurement best practices.

Nearshore outsourcing has been particularly attractive to our U.S.-based clients seeking the benefits of outsourcing from a similar time zone, with proximity to the United States.  A critical element of Keane's global delivery model, Halifax delivers a cost-competitive, high-quality complement to our Indian offshore outsourcing service, explained Jim Brewer, vice president of Global Services Delivery, responsible for Keane's network of ADCs.   The support of the province's Office of Economic Development and Nova Scotia Business Inc. was critical to our recent CMM Level 5 assessment. Today, Keane's global delivery network provides customers with consistently high-quality standards, methodologies, processes, controls, and performance metrics whether services are delivered offshore, nearshore or at our client's location.

To support Keane's new growth, Nova Scotia Business Inc. authorized a payroll rebate for a maximum of $1.5 million over three years, provided Keane creates and maintains 175 new jobs.  Nova Scotia Economic Development will also provide Keane with a $2.5 million innovation incentive to support the company's achievement of its high-level certification.
Keane's growth in Nova Scotia clearly illustrates how we can work with companies to build a strong case for new investment into the province, said Stephen Lund, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc.  Keane recognized early on that Nova Scotia is the location of choice for nearshore application development, and we hope that our reputation for excellence in software application development continues to grow worldwide.

Information on job opportunities at Keane is available on the web at

About Keane
Keane, Inc. (NYSE: KEA), helps clients to improve their business operations and IT effectiveness by delivering a broad range of business consulting and outsourcing services designed to achieve near-term and sustainable business benefit.  Specifically, Keane focuses on three highly synergistic service offerings: Applications Outsourcing, Application Development & Integration, and Business Process Outsourcing. Keane believes that business and IT improvements are best realized by streamlining and optimizing business and IT processes, implementing rigorous management disciplines, and fostering a culture of accountability through meaningful performance metrics.  Keane delivers its services through an integrated network of branch offices in North America and the United Kingdom, and via SEI CMM Level 5 evaluated Advanced Development Centers (ADCs) in Canada, and India.  Information on Keane is available on the Internet at .

About Nova Scotia Business Inc.
Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the province's business development agency, an organization that works with companies to provide business solutions. The private sector- led agency works to attract new business to the province and help those already in Nova Scotia expand through services such as export development and financing.