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Make room for Nova Scotia's fashion industry.

In 2010, inspired by the women of the G8, four Nova Scotia fashion designers collaborated on collections specifically designed to celebrate each one and her individual fashion flair.  See what they put together for Laureen, Michelle, Samantha, Carla, Nobuko, Margarida, Angela, Svetlana and Geertrui. 

This campaign resulted in tremendous attention for our designers. Please check their websites for an up-to-date view of their uniquely Nova Scotian designs.

The "Angela" Collection ~ Germany

The Angela CollectionAngela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is currently the only woman at the table of the G8. Merkel has made top honours five years in a row as the most powerful woman in the world, on Forbes’ list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” For the most part, powersuits and practicality influence her style.  

The "Svetlana" Collection ~ Russia

The Svetlana Collection

Svetlana Medvedeva, Russia’s first lady, enjoys the finer things in life. Tailored suits, couture gowns and impeccably coordinated outfits adorn the elegant, blonde socialite. She is a patron of Russian fashion and a strong supporter of the arts.  

The "Geertrui" Collection ~ European Council (Representing the European Union)

The Geertrui Collection

Geertrui Windels, wife of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council stands by her husband’s side in a style that is conservative, understated and modern.

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"So when NSBI asked us to take a look at their exciting new campaign,, and the products made by Nova Scotia artisans, we thought it was a good fit with the mandate of our blog (I can hear L-A now, “We have a mandate?”) and we were pleased to oblige."
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Questionable Things


“…Naturally, we were curious to see the goods, excited to participate and very honored to have been asked to weigh in. Supporting local fashion and seeing our homeland on the style map couldn't make us more proud!”

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365 Fashion Rehab


"Women’s rights worldwide is a hot button issue this time around, so it’s fitting that entire fashion collections were carefully crafted with these leading ladies in mind. The collections celebrate the power of women, fashion and Nova Scotian talent."

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