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LouLouBellLyndsay Hubley, LouLouBell
LouLouBell began operations in 2006. I grew up watching my mother's and grandmother's embroidering, knitting and sewing, and loved to rummage through their fabric scraps and sewing boxes. What started as a hobby for me, quickly turned into an all-consuming obsession for color and texture. My name is Lyndsay Hubley, the lady “behind the seams”!

Working from my home studio in Williamswood, Nova Scotia, all of the pieces you'll see listed in my shop are handmade by me. I am blessed to work from such a great space, surrounded by trees and nature, and cool ocean air. I am very much inspired by what can be found outdoors and it is reflected in a lot of my fabric choices. 


Michique HandbagsMonique and Michelle, Michique Handbags
We're twin sisters born in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The rustic coastlines and friendly people have kept us here most of our lives. Our various backgrounds in custom draperies and graphic design have come together to produce something wonderful. If you've met us, you already know that treating everyone with respect and adding a bit of humour to everyday life is our way.

Growing up, we usually weren't addressed by our correct names. Friends were confused and would just call out "Michnelle, Michnique" - both of us would turn. Something great had to come out of the confusion!


Glass Harp GallerySusan Hood, Glass Harp Gallery
I began my creative journey by first studying pottery, sculpture, painting and drawing – all of this I did while teaching school. I began the study of stained glass, which completely changed my direction and focus. When I saw the lampworking process in 2001 – I was hooked!  It was another way to manipulate glass. When working at the torch, the flow of glass and creativity become one.

Lampworking is the ancient and secret technique used by the Venetians to create glass beads.  Scientific advances in the refining of chemicals have revealed the wonderful colors and secrets that were guarded for so long.  I have had the privilege of studying with Lucio Bubacco, an Italian glass master.

When I'm not making beads or travelling for demonstrations and shows, I teach at my heritage home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, with students coming from Ireland, Australia, South America, Hong Kong and Canada.


Donna Hiebert DesignsDonna Hiebert, Donna Hiebert Designs
My mission is to offer my clients a high-quality alternative to the mainstream brands of jewellery design.

Some of my designs are named after specific architectural sites or buildings such as Borobudur, in Java, or an aqueduct in Rome. Seachange: embellishments for humanity, a collection cast in bronze, is more archetypal in nature and focuses on influences derived from sacred geometry - present in nature and many human made forms. Flotsam and Jetsam is a much looser, organic collection that is directly inspired by my life by the Atlantic Ocean.

I use a wide range of materials from metals, precious metals & stones and each piece of designer jewellery is individually hand crafted in my own workshop.

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