Clarke Inc. Relocates Head Office to Halifax

Mar 30, 2005

Halifax (March 30, 2005) - Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage, along with George Armoyan, president and CEO of Clarke Inc., and Stephen Lund, president and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), announced today that Clarke Inc. is relocating its national head office from Concord, Ontario, to Halifax.

NSBI has agreed to provide Clarke Inc. with a $1.9-million payroll rebate based on performance targets for positions at the company's new national headquarters.

Clarke Inc. has already begun the process of transferring from the Toronto area to Halifax to take advantage of cost efficiencies, a talented labour pool, quality of life and the strategic advantages of a Nova Scotia location. 

"Having a well-respected company such as Clarke Inc. relocate to Nova Scotia from Ontario sends an incredibly valuable message to the international business community about Nova Scotia's advantages as a business destination," said Mr. Fage. "The value of having a company like Clarke in Nova Scotia cannot be overstated."

The payroll rebate is a performance-based incentive supporting the hiring of up to 95 full-time employees earning an average annual wage in excess of $83,000 including benefits and statutory contributions. Beginning in the second year of operations, the rebate will be paid annually in arrears over a five-year period.

"Nova Scotia is an ideal location for Clarke's head office," said Mr. Armoyan. "Not only does it offer the lifestyle and talent pool we seek, the excellent infrastructure base and cost-effective business climate will generate additional efficiencies and opportunities for the company."

Founded in 1921, Clarke Inc. is a diversified investment holding company with interests in freight transportation services, international shipping, warehousing, real estate, and information technology services. Headquartered in Halifax, the company and its subsidiaries have offices across Canada, and provide direct employment for more than 680 employees and contractors.

"Clarke's relocation to Halifax is proof that the business case for operating from Nova Scotia is starting to get noticed in investment circles as an attractive alternative," said Mr. Lund.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the business development agency for Nova Scotia, led by a private-sector board of directors. It is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps companies in Nova Scotia meet their growth potential through business advisory, export development and financing services.