EDS continues to grow in Cape Breton

Mar 22, 2004

HALIFAX — EDS Canada Inc., a leading global outsourcing services company with more than 1,500 employees in Cape Breton already, announced that it will expand its Port Hawkesbury operations and hire up to 325 more people during the next five years.

“This expansion in Port Hawkesbury is part of our global Best Shore strategy to provide superior service for our clients,” said Jim Paris, Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing for EDS Canada. “The quality of people at our Cape Breton locations has been a key driving force behind the success of our delivery and the growth of our business.”

EDS established its first Cape Breton operation in Sydney in August 2000. After growing to 900 employees, the company then established operations in Port Hawkesbury in August 2002 and has since hired 450 employees in the Strait area.

“EDS has long recognized that the high quality of Nova Scotia’s workforce provides key business advantages,” said Economic Development Minister Ernie Fage. “Those advantages continue to play an important role in the company’s success and the Province is proud to be a partner with EDS.”

EDS has agreed to a five-year payroll rebate with Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) and is eligible to receive a maximum of $2.1 million over that time, provided the company creates and maintains 325 positions by the end of the agreement.

“Nova Scotia Business Inc. looks upon EDS’ growth in Cape Breton as a success story that shows we are an excellent location for business,” said Stephen Lund, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. “EDS is a world-class organization and having the company in our province allows us to position Nova Scotia internationally as a destination of choice for business investment.”

The EDS announcement follows one made in North Sydney last week where NSBI agreed to a maximum $2.1-million payroll rebate for Cape Breton Casting Inc. (CBCI) to create up to 110 manufacturing jobs over the next five years in the automotive parts industry.

“In both cases we were able to combine Cape Breton’s business advantages with the payroll rebate tool to pitch a very attractive business case to our clients,” said Mr. Lund. “The results will generate a positive return on investment to the Province, and increase business growth and employment for Cape Breton. It’s a winning formula, one that we’ve obviously had considerable success with in the past two weeks.”

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the province’s business development agency, an organization that works with companies to provide business solutions. The private sector-led agency works to attract new businesses to the province and help those already in Nova Scotia expand through services such as export development and financing.