Lockheed Martin Canada Payroll Rebate Facts

Over the course of the payroll rebate incentive (September 2008 – August 2013), Lockheed Martin Canada earned $1,782,204.05 in rebates. The jobs covered under the NSBI incentive created at Lockheed Martin Canada resulted in $32,186,502 in employee payroll over the course of NSBI’s incentive and Nova Scotia received about $5,342,959 in direct tax revenue.

"We've built an extremely talented and advanced workforce here in Nova Scotia through our work on the Canadian Naval command and control systems for Halifax-class frigates," said Glenn Copeland of Lockheed Martin Canada. "We now have a group of leaders within the technology sector and we are going to use their engineering capacity for the huge opportunity ahead in working with many of the western world's similar sized navies."


The four-year contract to update the Royal New Zealand Navy's two ANZAC class frigates is worth $180 million and will be completed by Lockheed Martin Canada's three facilities in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. All of the software and engineering work will be done in Nova Scotia.

With 40 per cent of Lockheed Martin Canada's workforce in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) has been working with Lockheed Martin Canada to encourage work related to ANZAC and other high-value opportunities to be retained here in the province.