Convergys Expanding in New Glasgow

Jun 29, 2005

Halifax (June 29, 2005) - Convergys Corporation is expanding its New Glasgow operation, resulting in up to 350 new jobs in Pictou County.

The expansion at Convergys Corporation -- a global leader in customer care, human resources, and billing services -- will introduce a new business line serving a major U.S.-based
health-care client.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) and Convergys have signed a five-year payroll rebate agreement, to a maximum
of $3,185,000, based on the creation of the new jobs at the centre.

"Convergys is growing its operations in New Glasgow because it recognizes the strength of Nova Scotia's work force and business climate," said Premier John Hamm, June 29. "Pictou County continues to build on its status, as identified by KPMG's 2004 report on competitive alternatives, as the best site in the world for doing business."

The premier made the announcement along with Economic Development Minister Ernest Fage, Trudi O'Brien, human resources director for Convergys in Eastern Canada, and Stephen Lund, president and CEO of NSBI.

The company's new health-care unit will handle customer support for inbound calls from medical services providers. This expansion will help the company expand into new business areas and will complement the existing Convergys operation in New Glasgow.

"An investment in job creation and opportunities such as the new Convergys operation is an investment in Nova Scotians," said Mr. Fage. "Employees at the new operation will be exposed to new experiences and technologies that will improve skill sets and enhance their future opportunities."

Convergys has a solid employment track record in Nova Scotia. With more than 4,000 employees in the province and operations in Cornwallis, Halifax, Truro, and the growing New Glasgow location, the company has become one of the largest employers in the province.

"This expansion solidifies Convergys' commitment to New Glasgow, its people, and the province of Nova Scotia," said Ms. O'Brien.

NSBI is committed to supporting strategic growth in the information-technology and communications sector in Nova Scotia. This payroll rebate is an example of that commitment. The payroll rebate is a performance-based incentive that is rebated to the company only after the jobs have been put in place. The incentive is an effective tool that encourages companies to meet their job creation targets and thereby earn their rebate.

"NSBI is proud to participate in the expansion of a well-managed and growth-oriented company such as Convergys," said Mr. Lund. "This investment will help to bring opportunities for job seekers and provide a solid return for the province."

NSBI is the business development agency for Nova Scotia, led by a private-sector board of directors. It is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps companies in Nova Scotia meet their growth potential through business advisory, export development, and financial services.

Convergys Corporation is a global leader in providing customer care, human resources, and billing services. Convergys combines specialized knowledge and expertise to deliver outsourced solutions, consulting services, and software support. Clients in more than 60 countries, speaking nearly 30 languages, depend on Convergys to manage the increasing complexity and cost of caring for customers and employees. Convergys serves the world's leading companies in many industries including communications, financial services, technology, and consumer products.

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