Congratulations Halifax Shipyard

Oct 19, 2011

We are the best at building ships. We’ve always known it. And Irving’s Halifax Shipyard, Nova Scotia, and Canada will show it again now as we move forward on the $25 billion combat ship procurement project announced today, Oct 19, 2011.

NSBI is a proud partner along with the Province of Nova Scotia, Greater Halifax Partnership, Halifax Chamber of Commerce, NSCC, Dalhousie University, Halifax Regional Municipality, ADIANS, Halifax Marine Research Institute, and Nova Scotia Federation of Labour – we are all the team with Irving Shipbuilding behind today’s great news and tomorrow’s great work.

Shipbuilding is part of our heritage, and for a large number of rural and urban Nova Scotia businesses, it’s the foundation of their future. My team at NSBI works with local companies that will supply to this project — companies in the metal fabrication, electronics, quality assurance and IT and simulation verticals, for example. They are regarded for their expertise, and they compete and win international contracts on the merits of skill, quality and innovation.

Companies throughout the Atlantic provinces and across Canada will benefit from Irving Shipbuilding’s successful bid in the federal government’s procurement process for Canada’s next combat ships – truly a project that’s about technology and innovation.

Universities and the community college will see increased enrolments, new programming, and a higher skilled workforce will result. Research and innovation will fuel future business growth and an increase in business traffic to the province will generate spinoffs for the broader community.

We have what it takes to become a shipbuilding centre of excellence, and this project is the boost in infrastructure, training, and coordination that will showcase our people, their work, and capture the world’s attention.

Stephen Lund
President and CEO
Nova Scotia Business Inc

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