Strategic Geographic Location


Nova Scotia is your nearshore location, positioned halfway between the United Kingdom and California. 

Time Zone Advantage

Nova Scotia is part of the Atlantic time zone (EST + 1 hour)

  • It offers you unparalleled real time access to international markets through an overlapping workday with the US and Europe.
  • From Nova Scotia, you can do business with western Europe and across North America on the same work day - saving you money and making it easier to do business.

Accessibility to Global Markets

From Nova Scotia, you can easily do business with markets around the world.

  • Nova Scotia is positioned as the gateway to North America and as a global shipping centre, Nova Scotia offers you access to the US & European markets.
  • You can fly to Boston in 90 minutes, New York in 2 hours and to London,UK in 5 hours.
  • Nova Scotia offers a geopolitical stability you can take comfort in.

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