Ocean Technology


Through Nova Scotia's ocean tech companies and related industries serving the sector, ocean tech annually generates $5 billion in GDP for the province and employs 14% of the province's workforce annually. 

Setting up an office in Nova Scotia offers many advantages to your company:

  • Access to world-class R&D 
  • Collaborative business environment between public and private sectors
  • Innovative people
  • Solid provincial and federal government incentives

Nova Scotia has an active R&D environment focused on harnessing the innovation, infrastructure, people and knowledge found here:

  • We have 450 PhDs in ocean-related disciplines, which is the world’s highest concentration of researchers in this sector.
  • Nova Scotia is home to world-renowned ocean-related research institutions including Canada’s largest - The Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) - the country's first major centre devoted to oceanography which brings together some 700 scientists, engineers, technicians, contractors and staff working in a range of disciplines
  • The Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise (IORE) will deliver advanced research that will inform public policy, build synergies with industry partners, and draw world attention to this sector.
  • Dalhousie University is home to more than 100 researchers focusing on oceans and ocean technology.
  • The NRC-Institute for Marine Biosciences is home to the Industry Partnership Facility based in Halifax, Nova Scotia exploring the commercial potential of  technologies in marine biosciences and life sciences.

Nova Scotia is also home to many world-leading companies focused on ocean technology and more than 200 local companies ready to be part of your supply chain:
  • A shipbuilder since 1889, the Halifax Shipyard, Irving Shipbuilding$25-billion contract to build Canada’s next generation surface combatants will bring 30 years of sustainable jobs and spin-off opportunities including those involved in the ocean technology industry.
  • For thirty years, Acadian Seaplants has been producing world leading marine plant research working with leaders in marine science, plant biotechnology and physiology on a regional, national and global scale.
  • Ocean Nutrition Canada, the world's largest supplier of Omega-3 EPA/DHA,  is home to North America's largest privately owned marine research and development facility, employing 35 scientists and engineers, including 14 PhDs.
  • CarteNav Solutions, is an international leader in situational awareness solutions and offers a version of AIMS-ISR® that enables maritime defence and security forces to achieve clarity in the complexity of operations at sea.