Digital Media

Your studio belongs here.

Nova Scotia's advantages will give you the edge.

  • You'll have no problem finding creative, talented people - Nova Scotia is home to 10 universities and more than 13 community college and technical schools, many offering the types of courses that you'll want to tap into!
  • Acadia University offers a new Bachelor of Computer Science Specialization in Game Development – a four-year program that provides the right foundation to ensure new graduates are prepared for the challenges of a game development


  • You'll find that turnover isn't an issue in Nova Scotia - we have some of the lowest turnover rates in Canada.
  • Digital media and animation tax credits create significant cost savings for companies producing interactive games and animation.
  • Take advantage of our inventory of incentive tools. In addition to tax credits, you may benefit from payroll rebates, R&D tax credits, or training incentives.
  • You'll be just a short flight away from all of your key markets - Nova Scotia is conveniently located halfway between the West coast of the United States and Europe.
  • You can stay connected to the world with our cutting edge telecommunications systems.
  • For you military simulation types - More than 40% of Canada's military assets are in Nova Scotia, a clear advantage.

Nova Scotia's digital media sector offers expertise in core, mobile and serious gaming and animation. These are some of the innovative companies growing in Nova Scotia:

Learn more about Nova Scotia's greatest natural resource - our people.

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