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The Melford Industrial Reserve is located in Guysborough County on the Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia. The Strait is known as one of the world’s deepest, ice-free, and dredge-free harbours.

The reserve has 14,500 acres of land for heavy industrial and commercial development and is extremely cost competitive. The area is well suited for marine, petroleum, and manufacturing-based industries.

The reserve is an attractive alternative for companies interested in expanding to, or within, Nova Scotia. It offers a strategic location, competitive costs, capacity for heavy, light, and commercial development, and access to a skilled workforce.

  • Deep water, ice-free harbour
  • Dredge-free harbour
  • Excellent berthage potential—27 meter (90 feet) water depths a short distance from shore
  • Access via road and sea
Strategic Location
  • Located 80km from the Great Circle shipping route.
  • Distance to Halifax: 292km/181 miles
  • Distance to rail: 22km/13 miles
  • Distance to international airport: 252km/156 miles
  • Distance to regional airport:20km/12 miles
  • Shipping time in days:
            • Rotterdam: 6
            • Mumbai: 16
            • Singapore: 20
            • HoChiMin City: 21
  • Commercial
  • Light industrial
  • Heavy industrial

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