In Nova Scotia, your international initiatives are supported by a backbone of world-class infrastructure.

Halifax, Nova Scotia ranks number six out of 405 cities, on fDi Magazine's Top Large Cities Infrastructure, in its American Cities of the Future 2011/12 rankings. Learn what makes Nova Scotia's infrastructure world-class.


Nova Scotia offers instant communication to the world.

  • Nova Scotia's Hibernia Atlantic is a key interconnecting hub for Canadian telecommunication service providers. In fact, its diverse trans-Atlantic cable route is the only fast, direct connection for the US and Canada to Ireland and the UK.
  • It’s world-class connectivity means companies can efficiently and confidently share and distribute information across the Atlantic or from major cities across North America.
  • Nova Scotia has a fully digital telecommunications system and a robust province-wide broadband network.
  • Nova Scotia's offers multiple providers of telecom services.

Air Transportation

Nova Scotia's airports will get you where you need to go, quickly and easily.

  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (HSIA) offers US pre-clearance and has consistently ranked #1 in overall passenger satisfaction for seven consecutive years. (The global Airport Service Quality survey for airports worldwide with under five million passengers)
  • HSIA is Atlantic Canada's principal full-service airport offering direct flights to Boston, New York, London, U.K. and many other cities in the US and Europe.
  • Welcoming more than three million passengers each year, HSIA is Canada's seventh busiest airport and is the only airport in Atlantic Canada to offer US customs pre-clearance.
  • You can do work in Nova Scotia in the morning, and make it to meetings in New York that afternoon -  fly direct to New York in 2 hours.

Port Traffic

Nova Scotia is the eastern-most province on Canada's mainland, surrounded by water on three sides.

  • Nova Scotia’s ports in Halifax, Sheet Harbour and Cape Breton’s two major ports, the Strait of Canso and the Port of Sydney, all boast deep water and ice free access suitable for heavy industry, container, and bulk transhipment
  • The Port of Halifax is known for its deep, wide, ice-free harbour and is one of the few eastern seaboard ports able to accommodate post-Panamax ships.
  • Nova Scotia is an entire day's sail closer to major markets in northern Europe than any other North American port.
  • Nova Scotia is the first inbound port for ships coming from Asia or India via the suez canal.

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"We chose Halifax and have not looked back. We're impressed by Halifax's world-class infrastructure: large talent pool and vibrant community and quality of life..."

William Keunen,
Global Director

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