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Payroll Rebate

NSBI’s payroll rebate is a performance-based incentive offered to eligible companies expanding in or locating to Nova Scotia.

  • The rebate is a return on your eligible gross payroll.
  • The rebate is generally paid out annually over a term not exceeding five years.
  • To receive the rebate, your company must create or retain a targeted number of jobs, at a minimum determined salary, within a set timeframe.
  • If you achieve the specific targets set out in the payroll rebate agreement, funds will be rebated annually to your company.

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R&D Tax Credits

  • The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program promotes and supports the development of unique and advanced skills, knowledge and technological capabilities that will enable your business to better compete in domestic and international markets.
  • Depending on the size and nature of your business, federal SR&ED tax credits can be either 20% or 35% of the eligible expenditures.
  • If you're a Canadian controlled private corporation, you may be eligible to have a portion (or all) of the 35% federal tax credits paid out in cash.
  • If you qualify for the 15% Nova Scotia R&D tax credits, you may be eligible to have a portion (or all) of the credits paid out in cash, if there are no other taxes owing.

Digital Media Tax Credit

Nova Scotia offers a digital media tax credit that rivals all others in Canada - making this the ideal place for video game development and interactive media.

  • Qualifying companies can claim the lesser of 50% of the qualifying expenditures or 25% of total expenditures.
  • Qualifying expenditures could include: 100% of eligible salaries in Nova Scotia, 65% of third party labour remuneration and up to $100,000 in marketing and distribution expenditures.

Digital Animation Tax Credit

The Digital Animation Tax Credit (DATC) is a refundable tax credit for costs directly related to the development of digital animation in Nova Scotia.

  • As of July 2015, animation labour in Nova Scotia will be eligible for a bonus of 17.5% on animation specific activities. This animation bonus is in addition to the base credit available.
  • With this new tax credit, Nova Scotia can provide an incentive of up to 60% on labour associated with the project. With no cap on the number of eligible projects, Nova Scotia is now among the most attractive Canadian jurisdictions for animation development.

Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund

The Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund provides funding for screen-based content creation. To be eligible, organizations must have a permanent establishment in the province and be engaged primarily in the creation of film/video productions for public viewing. Learn more....

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Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Companies (NSULC)

If you're considering establishing or acquiring a business in Nova Scotia, an NSULC may suit your business requirements. The following are some examples of the benefits of using an NSULC:

  • A US taxpayer may be able to use losses from its Canadian business as a deduction against its income for US income tax purposes.
  • A US taxpayer could use the NSULC to limit transfer pricing issues to Canada.
  • A US individual could have a local corporate presence in Canada while at the same time having the benefit of a flow-through entity for US income tax purposes.
  • NSULCs do not have residency requirements for directors of Nova Scotia companies.


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