FITTskills Courses

Global Business Environment

As global trade barriers are lifted, Canadian companies must learn to compete in the international arena. Global Business Environment reviews the fundamentals of International Trade.
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International Trade Finance

Financing plays an essential role in international trade. International Trade Finance offers exposure to complex ventures and financing opportunities.
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International Trade Research

Marketing success in international trade depends greatly upon developing an in-depth understanding and analysis of target markets. This is accomplished through research. International Trade Research will take you step-by-step through the research process. 
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Global Supply Chain Management

Logistics are steps taken to get your product to market. Global Supply Chain Management will teach you the crucial interplay of the export team, documents, preparation and transportation to get the goods from the seller to the buyer.
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International Market Entry Strategies

Winning at international trade takes more than just good marketing. A roadmap for getting products where they need to go is necessary.This course will help you chart a course to international markets and negotiate the inevitable obstacles along the way. Full Description

International Marketing

Marketing is one of the key customer focused aspects of business. Nowhere is marketing more important than in the global marketplace where competition is fierce. This course will teach you how to outdistance the competition.   
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Register today! Check out the Export Development Education Program Calendar for a complete listing of courses available in your region.

Register today! Check out the Export Development Education Program Calendar.