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Lighting the Way

Charles Cartmill, Founder,
LED Roadway Lighting

With more municipalities and utilities making the switch to energy efficient lighting,
LED Roadway Lighting's product has global appeal. Read the full story

Nova Scotia Business Inc. has a team, with sector and market expertise, dedicated to helping Nova Scotia companies enter, and continue to pursue growth in, markets around the world.

With more than 850 companies in the province exporting products and services around the world, Nova Scotia has already developed a solid reputation for producing high-quality products and services to international markets.

Exporting can help grow your company through a variety of ways. Consider exporting if you are interested in:

  • Increasing your company's revenues;
  • Developing a larger client base;
  • Identifying buyers, distributors and partners  in other markets.

We can help.

Learn more about the trade & export programs available to Nova Scotia companies, our sector and market experts and upcoming trade initiatives.