Trade Market Intelligence (TMI) Service

If you are looking for customized research on business opportunities in specific sectors and markets, you may be eligible for NSBI’s Trade Market Intelligence (TMI) service.

The TMI Service helps Nova Scotia companies access trade intelligence to help identify opportunities specific to their products, services, and markets of interest.

What type of research is included?

There are many questions TMI may be able to help address. Here is some of the most common secondary market research provided through the TMI service:

  • Evaluation of market entry and demand;
  • Country economic and political overviews;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Trade regulations, including import and export requirements;
  • Logistics and supply chain analysis;
  • Industry certifications and standards
  • Identification of industry contacts, distributors, wholesalers;
  • Identification of tradeshows, events, and other promotional mediums.

Who is eligible?

TMI is available to Nova Scotia companies working with or connected to a provincial Export Development Executive (EDE). Your EDE will help guide the process, including completing a TMI application* on your behalf.

What can you expect if your application is approved?

If your TMI request is approved, you will receive:

  • One-on-one collaboration with a provincial Export Development Executive to evaluate trade market intelligence required to support your international growth strategy;
  • One-on-one collaboration with the TMI Service Manager and TMI research team at NSBI to further refine your research objectives;
  • A detailed report tailored to your research needs.

The TMI service is provided at no cost to eligible Nova Scotia companies. For more information or to get connected with an Export Development Executive, contact our team of Export Experts.

* Applications will be assessed and prioritized by the TMI Service Manager in consultation with the Export Development Executive and the client.