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Choosing Nova Scotia: Castle Hall Alternatives, Bringing FinTech to Operational Due Diligence

January 05, 2016

Castle Hall Alternatives is a specialist in operational due diligence for the investment industry. Castle Hall helps investors build comprehensive due diligence programs to evaluate whether asset managers meet operational best practice. Castle Hall’s Dagan Sorensen, manager of operations for …

Nova Scotia Community College amplifies financial futures in the province and delivers talent for growing demand

December 16, 2015

In September 2014, working with industry, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) implemented a financial services concentration to expand curriculum and skills development and better prepare students for the current workforce. The program is a one-year concentration of the two-year Business …

The History of Nova Scotia’s International Financial Services Centre

June 22, 2015

Nova Scotia has a history steeped in financial services. Since the incorporation of the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) in 1832 to support the thriving trans-Atlantic trade between Britain, North America and the West Indies, financial services companies have been …

NSBI named Best Business Development Agency – Canada

January 30, 2015

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is honoured to be named Best Business Development Agency – Canada in the Acquisition International Hedge Fund Awards 2015. The Hedge Fund Awards recognize the achievements of those working within the investment and financial services community. …

Nova Scotia Community College paves the way for future financial leaders

June 17, 2013

Nova Scotia Community College is playing a critical role in getting the region's future workforce ready for the kinds of careers and challenges they should expect.

Financial industry in Nova Scotia seeing more growth

June 06, 2013

Nova Scotia is making a name for itself as a growing centre for business and innovation.

Nova Scotia’s strong infrastructure keeps companies connected

March 19, 2013

Nova Scotia is home to a number of growing industries, including its technology and financial services sector.

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