How We Work

Our Mission

NSBI's mission is to help Nova Scotia businesses across the province grow exports through access to business advisory services, skill development and training to build trade capacity, market intelligence, financing, and support in accessing global markets, with a focus on developing new exporters and attracting innovative, globally competitive companies to establish a business location in Nova Scotia..

Our Vision

A strong, thriving, and globally competitive Nova Scotia today and for generations to come.

Our Mandate

The object of the corporation is to provide business development in the province by working directly with businesses to support economic growth through:

  • business development, retention and expansion;
  • the establishment of new businesses in the province; and,
  • export operations to connect businesses in the province with new markets or new export opportunities.

Our Driving Principles

We developed our 2016-2017 Business Plan guided by the follow principles:

  • Think Export First
  • Focus on Our Strengths
  • Position the Private Sector to Lead
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • People as Our Foundation
  • Collaborate for Results

Our Values

  • RespectWe respect Nova Scotians, our province and our colleagues.
  • IntegrityWe are fair, honest, transparent, timely, and results-oriented.
  • ProfessionalismWe act with the utmost professionalism, taking the time to listen and understand.
  • KnowledgeWe strive for evidence-based knowledge to drive our actions and outcomes.
  • ResponsibilityWe are accountable to our stakeholders and all Nova Scotians.
  • AdaptabilityWe anticipate change, act proactively and are resilient.
  • ServiceWe are Nova Scotians working for positive outcomes for Nova Scotians.
  • DiversityWe value people's skills, backgrounds, experiences and ideas.